Except for some posts, this LJ is friend-only. 8Dv
I don't upload much stuff nor have any great graphics in my journal. This is just the place where I fangirl and share some of my rl entries plus some of my n00b translation (as you can see the link in the right sidebar). You can add me if you like ♥ but I don't guarantee that I'll add you back *bricked* please be sure to tell me and be sure that:

+ We have at least one interest in common. (be it Ryo/Kanjani 8/RyoUchi/Ryoko/Yellow ranger/Asou-kun ...)
+ I don't like conflicts/wanks so if you're one of those wank-creator then don't bother adding me
+ I tend to write stupid things sometimes - you've been warned!
+ Please be nice to my other friends! 8Dv

Other than that, ADD ME! lol~ j/k  ♪

You can find more info about me in my userinfo here before adding. Yoroshiku~

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 Happy new year to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!! (a little bit late though) 

I'd like to write a long entry but I seem to be procrastinating a lot these days... Anyway, wish you all a great year ahead!! :)
I hope I'll be updating this journal more often this year. :)

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Tsk tsk... I couldn't stand it so I skimmed through the last chapter of "Ryuusei no kizuna".
jflakjdslfsjafjsd *stabs self*

Oh well I am going back home soon so that's gonna be my excuse for reading the spoiler. Bleh!! xP

Still another week of exams!! Yosh.. FAITO!!!


Ordinary <3

Thanks to ashkt , I just downloaded and listened to Ryo's new song. :)
I was trying to listen to his lyrics and when I was nearly going to give up I saw her edit that she had the lyrics to the song! 8Dv 
Yayyyyy!!! :D :D :D
I have to work on my Japanese more!! ;______;

OK, now it's time to study again!! Have fun looking at the lyrics! :) And please tell me if you see any mistakes. :D

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They took down K8's poster in Aji no ya!! DDDDDDDDDD:

I wanted to show a friend that but they took all of the posters down, the one in the rest room plus the one near the counter... *sighs*

Watched Ikigami today.