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最後の放課後 -いきものがかり

最後の放課後 -いきものがかり
作詞:山下穂尊 作曲:山下穂尊

最初からわかってたこと いつかこの場所を去ること


当たり前の場所が過去になる 君と初めて出逢った
ありふれた出逢い 奇跡になる

この教室も あのロッカーも 君の笑顔も…

君から何か伝えてよ あたし 何も喋れないから…

君が気付いていないこと あたし分かってもいたけど
今日で最後の放課後にあたし 強くなるよ

どうしてか捨てられずに 今日も大切に持ってる君にもらったメッセージ


あの日何気なく君を見た 夕日に染まるバス停
声をかけられずに 佇んだ

その瞬間に その一瞬に 心が爆ぜた

あたしから君に伝えるよ 二度とここで逢えないから…

君が気付いてくれること あたし 祈ってはいたけど
どうしても届かなくて 心 苦しかったの

今から君に伝えるよ どうか はぐらかさないでね
本当はいつもいつも あなたのこと 想ってたんだよ

今日で最後の放課後にあたしから伝えるよ あたしから伝えるよ

Last school day - Ikimonogakari

I knew it from the beginning,
That someday we'll have to leave this place.
But when I started noticing, the memories of 3 years were blurred by (my) tears.

(I knew it from the beginning)
There would come a time when we look back and long for "Today"
Still, I honestly couldn't imagine it would be this painful

Places that we took for granted all became just the past,
the place where I first met you...
Just an ordinary encounter, but it has turned into a miracle.

And so have this class room, that locker and your smile...

Please tell me anything, because I am unable to utter a word...
Without noticing, I've been having my eyes on you.

Even though I knew that you hadn't noticed
but today, the last day of school, I'm going to be stronger.

For some reasons, I didn't throw it away
That message that you gave me, I'm still treasuring it.
My own charm.

Just some scribbles on the corner of a small note,
but that was all it took to help me until today.

That day when I unexpectedly saw you
at the bus stop where the sun set over...
Couldn't mumble a word, I just stood still.

That instant, in just that one moment, I felt like my heart was bursting open

I'm going to tell you, because there won't be another time that we can meet at this place again.
It doesn't matter when, I just want you to know that answer someday...

I was praying that you'd notice
It was heartbreaking, as my feelings couldn't reach you...

But I'm going to tell you now, please don't avoid it
The truth is, I've always been thinking of you...

I don't know how to put my feelings into words but
I'm going to tell you today, the last day of school. I'm going to tell you...

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